Our Beer


With each restaurant offering an impressive variety of beers (110 to be exact), Old Chicago is the destination for customers seeking both the familiar and the unusual in domestic, imported, or even local craft brews, some of which are exclusive to Old Chicago. We take pride in being the local beer expert. We have 8-10 local taps, making up just a small part of the 30-50 beers on tap available in each location. Bottled or poured, we’ve perfected the beer experience. Here’s how:

  • Expertise matters. We provide extensive beer knowledge training to both management and staff. Our bartenders undergo specialized Cicerone certification training to refine their expertise on everything related to beer and brewing.
  • To ensure a quality pour, our restaurants use the best draft equipment in the country and we train our servers to get it right every time.
  • We use glassware that is specifically designed to enhance each of the beers we serve. It’s a subtle detail that makes a difference and elevates the guests’ experience.
  • We offer a large number of local and regional beers in each restaurant’s lineup. It’s a key to forming loyalty in the community.
  • Each restaurant’s digital beer menu boards communicate beer selection and availability. It shows just how serious we are about our beer collections.
Old Chicago Beer Options

At Old Chicago, we don’t settle with simply selling beer—we showcase it. We gather the best local and craft brews and pair them with delicious menu items designed to enhance and complement their flavors. Our trained staff is always prepared to help guests select the perfect beer for their particular tastes, and our wide selection promises something for everyone.

Additionally, we offer the OC Rewards program, featuring our increasingly popular World Beer Tour, rewarding loyal customers each time they drink our beer. Simply create a rewards account on our website and start accumulating points towards prizes. Drinking beer can be its own reward, but it doesn’t have to be the only one!