Gather ‘Round


The most appealing restaurants are more than the sum of their parts. Sometimes, the food, the drinks and the atmosphere unite in a way that’s uniquely inviting. That’s always been the vibe at Old Chicago, and it’s getting even better thanks to a renewed vision and refreshing updates.

This is a place where you’ll want to spend time. An inviting environment and a friendly, engaging staff are key features that will keep the guests coming back again and again. Old Chicago provides a casual dining setting where friends and family are encouraged to share good times and great beer together.

Old Chicago Four Top Dining

Guests can choose from large booths for packing in friends and family or unique community tables that encourage a sense of energy and new connections. Take a look around and you’ll pick up on the details that set us apart. From purse and umbrella hooks conveniently located at the table to the digital beer board at the bar, Old Chicago is taking that extra step to make each guest’s experience a great one.

More than anything, this is a place to gather. Come as you are—jeans and suits mingle comfortably here. Pizza and beer connoisseurs come in all types. Old Chicago is the perfect place for business lunches, family dinners, and gathering with friends to watch the game. No matter your reason for coming, Old Chicago will always be there with a cold beer, delicious, handcrafted menu items, and a comfortable and community friendly environment.

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